Tuesday, December 18, 2012

That glorious top knot!

Ello ladie friends.
Here is what I did today.

Commonly known as the "Top knot" or "Messy Bun".
You see, this is a masterpsiece of a hair-do becuase it is so versatile.
- Dirty Hair
- Fancy
- Casual
- Messy
I went for a more messy casual look.
Now, please note that there are seeeeveral ways to get this bun but I like to use the SoCk BuN method because I have so many layers that when I try to wrap my hair around a doughnut there are MANY more bobby pins needed.
Here is what I use.
Okay, the lipstick doesn't go in the hair but you get the point, it was used. revlon FiJi
.::LoVe love LoVe this color <3::.
Grab one of your husbands miss matched black dress socks and cut off the footed end.
 Put your hair in a high pony tail, slide your hair through the sock, and secure the sock around the base of your pony with another pony tail or pick up some of the pony tail and stick the end of the sock under it.
Then pick your pony tail straight up in the air and begin turning your hair inside out folding the sock downward creating the bun look.
If you are going for a sleek look it's beneficial to do this when your hair is wet, and if you want a messy look than obviously do the opposite.
Just roll your sock bun down until you reach the crown of your head and secure with a bobby pin or two.
Bangs up or down, twisted or braided maybe, it's all yours for deciding. :)
I opted for a dramatic swept over bang look. I def do NOT always wear my bangs like this. My bangs usually start about an inch further into the center. Though... I do like this. Hmm???
Badda bing.
Sweet tea, yall.

Faux Fur, yall.

Leopard, yall.
- K. Busby

Monday, December 17, 2012

Since I last Bid you adieu ...

Well, let's see.

Monday :                 3 Month Pictures. See?!

isn't he the cuuuutest?!
His name is Case, and he's mine. All mine :) ... Well, the hubster's too.
I use Lola-K's Photography. Click here to admire her talent or contact her! :)
Tuesday: Just plain 'ol stay at home mommy goodness.
Wednesday: Funeral for the hubsters family member. Much saddness and nothing much to say except... I re-vamped some maternity clothes into part of my everyday fashion and I could not be more excited. For 2 reasons..
1) They were uber expensive so the fact that I get to wear them past the nine months (actually 10 :/) is exciting.
2) They are made for pregnant women so a postpartum tummy is not at all a problem to hide deal with in these clothers.
If you want to try re-vamping your maternity shirts pair them with some leggings (they'll be long without your glamourous baby bump taking up the space!) and a skinny belt at the waist. :)
I tried sharing a picture but can't figure out how to share a picture from my phone on here. Please comment below if you can help me with that. ;)
Thursday: SO much shopping fun. Me, the babe (the 3 month old babe.. not the 28 year old one), and the bff. :) A full day of trying to find all our newest fav fashion obsessions!
1. Denim button up.
2. Fox Sweater
3. Bubble Necklaces
4. Pave link jewlery.
5. Plaid button up (in fun colors).
6. Colored skinnies.
7. Leopard flats/loafers.
8. Color block sweaters.
9. Anything with studs.
10. OMBRE. :)
Friday: After hearing of the horrific news about Sandy Hook Elementary I spent most of the day holding my little man and praying over and over again for the families involved in every aspect of the shooting. :( Such a sad sad day/. Weekend actually. It has been so heavy on my heart and mind.
That night was filled with laughs, friends, and the tackiest of tacky attires covered in cheesy bells, mistletoe, chubby santas, and bows. And in the land of BIG BOWS (aka South Alabama) you better beleive that every momma of a little belle had a big bow of their own. Yes, I was jealous.
Saturday: Much needed time with the hubster puttering around outside doing what nots on the farm (babe in hand, cause we're good like that!). We got to chat with our "land" neighbor. Gosh, I love that 'ol fella. He is kind of like Al from Home Improvement... Always there at just the right time, ya know, when you need some good elderly conversation and advice.
Saturday night was another holiday party for just us ladies! (How do we get to do this around the holiday's so often, what am I thinking... Thou shall not question any oppurtunity to mingle away from thou babe ) An ornament swap with the ladies from the hubster's family. It was a great time. Innocent fun. Gotta love that. Especially when you get to the point in life when waking up without a hangover overrides the joys of the festivities the night before. And i'm at that point.
One of the hubster's cousins made an AMAZINGLY good smelling ornament. Check out the how-to here .
Sunday: Because of Friday's nightmare-ish tragedy, our chat with Mr. "Al", and a well noted urge to get back into God's place the hubster and I attended church on Sunday, and it was good. It's always good. But it's especially good when you go because you can feel the Holy Spirit practically begging you. We visited a church that one of the hubster's Uncle's attends and I do think we'll be back. Love that. :) Had the MIL watch the babe while we attended but we'll be taking him with us the next time, had to feel it out the first time.
After church we meandered down to Gracevill, FL with the IL's to check out an old factory outlet mall... and I mean OLD. Prooooobably won't be heading back down that way but we got to check out some Holmes County scenery, that's always a good time. ;) For reals.
See y'all laters, alligators.
- K.Busby

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Let's do this!

All credit for this spontaneous adventure through virtual journaling goes out to The Sweetest Thing's blog. I found Emily through random clicking and following on Instagram and her love for sharing everything "her" made me want to do the same! So, Emily, if you read this... Thank you. I believe I am really going to enjoy this!

My goal for my blog is to just share interesting or meaningful things that happen in the everyday life of a married, mommy of a newborn who loves anything that makes her home or herself feel pretty!

Maybe I'll post one day about a super cute outifit I created out of my own closet and the next about a new way I found to keep the ring out of your toilet! Because honestly, that's the kind of life I live. I could dress with the best and attend all sorts of charming little events and then come home to my hole-y sweats and scrub my floors with a toothbrush. And, truthfully....
I like it that way.

My personal rules for my blog :
      1) I am not promising myself a set amount of posts/week, etc. I'll just write whenever I get the blog bug.
      2) I won't be a secret blogger. My intentions are friendly. If I find a new blog I love I must let that person know. Otherwise, it would be Facebook. ;)
      3)This blog will make me a better person. Give me iniative to dress nicer, mommy better, & clean deeper.
      4) This one is for all the potential grammar natzi's. I do NOT promise to write in correct grammar. This is a relaxing place for me and let's just be honest, I'm not too keen on all the politics of the comma.

I am excited to come back here! My little white box of possibilities! Off to bathe the baby, let's hope he empties his bladder before he get's nakey, I have a little miniature heart attack everytime he doesn't!


xo- K.Busby